Performance and Nutrition tests:

Vitamins, nutrition and Lifestyle

Being able to know more about one’s own status of their own performance and nutrition levels may encourage one to take healthier decisions that can improve their day to day lives as well allowing one to modify habits that can affect health.

Do you know that being low in iron levels or vitamin B complex may predispose you to fatigue? Being low in zinc and vitamin C may predispose you to recurrent minor illnesses like the common cold. Being low in magnesium levels may predispose you to insomnia. Having too much cellular inflammation may predispose to slow recovery from physical stresses like strenuous exercise. Vitamin D insufficiency may lead to chronic muscular joint aches.

Testing for vitamins and mineral levels may help you identify the source of your symptoms and hence address them and start feeling better!

We also have the complete Sports/Performance profile test to help those who are partaking in fitness programs or endurance sports monitor any nutritional deficiencies so these can be corrected to improve performance.

At the IGP, we have wide choice of packages that may cover all your needs. We can also tailor the tests according to your specification.