Diabetes & Cholesterol Screening:

Diabetes and raised cholesterol are 2 common risk factors that increases one’s risk of having heart disease or stroke. If family history of diabetes or raised cholesterol is present; then the risk of having either conditions may be higher than if one is without family history of these conditions.

There is no real cut off point of when one should have a test. Test could be done at any interval requested – often annually for most people; but we have also seen testing at every 3 or 6 months.

Having a test may help people take healthier decisions that will lead to the lowering of risk of developing these diseases. Having the tests may also help people monitor their progress if they had already started on healthier lifestyle programs (how else would you know if your new diet/exercise is lowering your cholesterol/sugar levels?)

At the IGP, we can provide basic testing (sugar and cholesterol levels) to a more comprehensive testing (e.g. diabetic screening and diagnosis; cardiovascular risk profiles).