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Diabetes & Cholesterol Screening:

Diabetes and raised cholesterol are 2 common risk factors that increases one’s risk of having heart disease or stroke. If family history of diabetes or raised cholesterol is present; then the risk of having either conditions may be higher than if one is without family history of these conditions. There is no real cut off […]

Recurrent Fatigue:

Do you feel tired all the time? Have you ever wondered why you felt tired even though you have had enough sleep and eat a balanced diet? Tiredness may be cause by various factors – physical problems or emotional tiredness. Before one could attribute tiredness to emotional distress; it is quite normal to exclude physical […]

Allergy Testing:

Allergies may present in various ways. Some may present as skin complaints – dry scaly skin (eczema type reaction); red weals or hives; itching around area of contact only or generalised itch; upon contact. Some affects the airways – wheezing, coughing, feeling tight in the chest; itchy nose/ears/eyes; upon inhalation. Food allergy may manifest as […]

Performance and Nutrition tests:

Vitamins, nutrition and Lifestyle Being able to know more about one’s own status of their own performance and nutrition levels may encourage one to take healthier decisions that can improve their day to day lives as well allowing one to modify habits that can affect health. Do you know that being low in iron levels […]

Good nutrients for performance & good health:

The anti inflammatory fatty acid: Omega-3/Omega 6 Omega 3 is the name given to a family of polyunsaturated fatty acids; which the body needs but cannot manufacture itself. Omega 3 fats are used as the building blocks for fat derived hormones such as prostaglandins and leukotrienes. The hormones with an Omega 3 base tend to […]