Allergy Testing:

Allergies may present in various ways. Some may present as skin complaints – dry scaly skin (eczema type reaction); red weals or hives; itching around area of contact only or generalised itch; upon contact. Some affects the airways – wheezing, coughing, feeling tight in the chest; itchy nose/ears/eyes; upon inhalation. Food allergy may manifest as either skin presentation (e.g. persistent eczema or abdominal symptoms (like recurrent abdominal pain, changes in bowel habits).

Some people are predisposed to allergies more than others – family history of asthma as an example. Some people of certain ethnic origin may possess different gastrointestinal enzymes that may means they digest foods differently. For example, Far Eastern people may be predispose to lactose intolerance.

It may be useful to consider testing for allergies if you suspect that you have them or you have been manifesting persistent symptoms.

We have various tests. Food Allergy UK profile; Mediterranean profile; Middle East profile; or we can tailor specific profiles according to your request (e.g. cow’s milk, shellfish, eggs, various grasses, etc).

We also have the Eczema provoking profile; rhinitis provoking profile; inhalants profiles, nuts & seeds profile; and IgE allergy panel for children.